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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover
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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 type cover is an advanced tablet case. This cover for Microsoft Surface Pro is rated four to five stars by its users. How can you get a laptop experience on a tablet? Simple, with the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Type Cover. This black case gives your Surface Pro 4 tablets an excellent protective shield with its sturdy build. If you find typing with the screen keyboard troublesome, you can get a physical keyboard with this cover. Steady it on your lap or a table and enjoy a comfortable, fast, and fluid typing just like on a laptop. The keyboard has optimally spaced keys and two button touchpad for precise and accurate typing and navigation.
Full-laptop experience
Protective and productive
Weight: 292 grams
Interface: Magnetic
Sensors : Accelerometer
English Keyboard
Typing is much easier and comfortable when done on an actual keyboard. This is one of the things that a tablet lacks. With this cover for Microsoft Surface Pro, you can use your tablet as you like. It is a one of a kind cover with a mechanical keyboard and an enlarged trackpad. Attach it to your tablet, and it becomes a complete laptop in an instant. For a seamless tablet user experience, fold the cover like a magazine. Don’t worry about accidental key presses while using it in the tablet mode. The keys get disabled as soon as you flip the cover back.
The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 type cover sports a thin, light design. It covers the screen of the tablet when closed to give it optimal protection against breakage and scratches. When using it as a laptop, the keyboard cover sits firmly on your lap or a desk with a magnetic stability. It is designed for Surface Pro 3 and 4 tablets.

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