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Linksys WRT1900AC Wireless AC Dual Band Smart Router

Linksys WRT1900AC Wireless AC Dual Band Smart Router
Linksys WRT1900AC Wireless AC Dual Band Smart Router
Linksys WRT1900AC Wireless AC Dual Band Smart Router
Linksys WRT1900AC Wireless AC Dual Band Smart Router
Linksys WRT1900AC Wireless AC Dual Band Smart Router
Linksys WRT1900AC Wireless AC Dual Band Smart Router
Linksys WRT1900AC Wireless AC Dual Band Smart Router
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  • Brand: Linksys
  • Model: WRT1900AC
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With the amazing Linksys WRT1900AC Wireless AC Dual Band Smart Router, there is not a single aspect that has not passed intense scrutiny and meticulous thought before reaching you. Experience the best and fastest WiFi network with maximum coverage around your household. This little genius is easily set up and provides best in class security. It makes use of the superior Wireless N and AC technology and combines this with the dual core ARM based processor with a maximum capacity of 1.2GHz to deliver lightning fast speeds. It is also equipped with a number of ports for maximum connectivity. The highlight of the product are its four transmission antennas that drastically increase the strength of your WiFi signal.


952.5 G

Wireless-N - AC

1.2 GHz dual-core ARM-based



The Linksys WRT1900AC is crafted to perfection to give you only the best performance. With this Dual Band Gigabit WiFi Router, there will be not a corner in your home that will no be covered. The makers have tweaked the design a little to give you an experience that is unmatched. The signature blue and black design from Linksys is upgraded and furnished with the advanced Wireless AC platform. The makeover doesn’t stop there; the router now features the industry’s first four antenna configuration. This, combined with the 1.2GHz dual core ARM processor, enables you to enjoy remarkable strength and a wide range. With the Linksys WRT1900AC Router, you can be sure you’ve got everybody covered. Enjoy speedy transfers with this amazing router that is equipped with an exceptional dual eSATA/USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0 port for connection to a variety of devices.


If one is good, four is better. Give your home maximum coverage, miss not a nook or cranny with the Linksys WRT1900AC Router that, unlike conventional routers, in endowed with four antennas. Obviously, these four antennas do more than just make your router look high tech. They strengthen the the WiFi signal to the maximum capacity and provide a wider range so that everyone can keep having fun without a glitch or lag. Stream videos, download your favourite music, while your sister reads up on the latest trends in fashion on the Internet and your little brother is immersed in some hardcore gaming. And the capabilities of these antennas do not stop here; they drastically enhance the performance of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz dual wireless bands, so that you can enjoy strong and reliable WiFi signal in every corner of your home. All four antennas are detachable when you need to upgrade.


With the Linksys WRT1900AC Router, you’ll be getting only the most advanced wired connections. Equipped with the four Gigabit Ethernet ports that happen to be ten times faster than the Fast Ethernet, your router can deliver super fast wired speeds. You can use the advanced and superior USB 3.0 port to transfer data across your network from any external storage or other devices. Add to the speed with the eSATA port that enables you to connect any external SATA storage device. This union makes for breathtaking data transfer rates and optimal convenience. It even serves as a USB 2.0 port.


This router places the power in your hands with full control of your network, no matter where you go and whenever the time. You can even monitor your network from time to time. The leading SMART WiFi software enables you to monitor and control your home network via a PC or even a mobile device like a phone, laptop, etc. from anywhere at any time. Set a parental lock to prohibit Internet access during certain chosen times of the day. You can even create safe WiFi passwords for your guests. This little router puts you in charge of everything, from monitoring activity on your home network to adding new devices and even keeping track of the upload and download speeds. In this way, nothing will escape your scrutiny. Your Linksys WRT1900AC Router also enables you to decide which devices on your network deserve and get the most bandwidth for a decrease in lag times and annoying buffering while gaming or streaming HD media. Still not enough? Then access apps that offer more ways to control and interact with your WiFi network through your Linksys Smart WiFi account. This little router thinks of everything!

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