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Benq SX930 Installation Projector with 7000lm, XGA

Benq SX930 Installation Projector with 7000lm, XGA
Benq SX930 Installation Projector with 7000lm, XGA
Benq SX930 Installation Projector with 7000lm, XGA
Benq SX930 Installation Projector with 7000lm, XGA
Benq SX930 Installation Projector with 7000lm, XGA
Benq SX930 Installation Projector with 7000lm, XGA
Benq SX930 Installation Projector with 7000lm, XGA
Benq SX930 Installation Projector with 7000lm, XGA
Benq SX930 Installation Projector with 7000lm, XGA
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Superb Image Quality

  • Stunning Clarity in Ambient Environments:- The SX930’s 7000 lm high brightness allows presenters and participants to conduct presentations in brightly lit conference rooms, with uncompromised debate, collaboration, note taking and interaction to achieve the most productive meetings. The high luminance increases intensity and picture quality in direct proportion, providing a professional installation to satisfy the most demanding corporate standards.
  • High Contrast for Clear Text:- SX930 delivers industry-leading levels of contrast and pixel fill factor, producing the truest blacks and exemplary image sharpness for unmatched readability in presentations and documents. High fill factor sharpens images for increased clarity on black-and-white documents and colorful images alike while reducing eye strain.
  • Pristine Image Quality with Optical-Grade Silicate Glass Lens:- Low-dispersion precision optics-grade glass is carefully selected for construction of the SX930 lens, providing optimal sharpness and focus uniformity during prolonged corporate operation at high temperatures. Thoroughly engineered to provide absolute peak performance for the large enterprise, all-glass optics deliver the additional benefit of preventing chromatic aberration for utmost presentation quality.

Powerful Flexibility for Efficient Installation

  • 1.6x Big Zoom for Efficient Upgrades:- Big Zoom facilitates corporate adoption of new projection technology by making use of existing ceiling mounts and restricted spaces to deliver large-scale projected images. The SX930 can replace projectors mounted anywhere from 1.8 to 14.6 meters from the screen and project images up to 300”, avoiding costly renovation or installation downtime.
  • Vertical Lens Shift for Precise Installations:- Lens shift compensates for minor miscalculations and misalignment during projector installation. Conveniently placed adjacent to the lens, this control enables vertical lens movement by 107.5% - 112.5% within the projector chassis for perfectly aligned pictures without distortion.
  • Advanced Image Calibration for Ideal Projection Alignment:- The SX930 is equipped with a two-dimensional keystone correction range of ±30o on both horizontal and vertical axes to counteract the trapezoid effect when the projector must be installed off-center. Installers can use Corner Fit control to adjust each corner independently for perfectly aligned image geometry.

Network Control and Management Protocol Compatibility

  • Comprehensive LAN Control Compatibility:- The SX930 is widely compatible with leading projector control systems including Crestron, AMX and PJ-Link for network control via LAN, making it simple to integrate into corporate network infrastructures. SX930 also supports RS-232 for reliable long-distance Installations, up-to 15 meters, for situations without LAN infrastructure.

Wireless Presentation

  • MHL Connectivity to Present from Mobile Devices:-MHL connectivity allows presenters to instantly share presentations and business documents directly from mobile devices via MHL cable or dongle. 
  • Wireless Presentation via Smart Device by Qcast (Optional):- Go from the small screen to the big screen for your presentation by using QCast! Thanks to support of NFC technology, you can easily stream multimedia contents from your smart device to SX930 wirelessly.

Enduring Efficiency and Corporate Maintenance

  • Long-Lasting DLP Prevents Color Decay and Conserves Energy:- Equipped with the durability of the digital micro-mirror device combined with a nearly-sealed projection engine design to prevent dust damage, the DLP-powered SX930 resists color decay and image degradation. This preserves picture quality even after thousands of hours of commercial use.
  • Eco-Conscious Power Consumption:- The standby and network standby features of the SX930 help IT managers control total cost of ownership while retaining full control and maintenance of networked projectors. The SX930 consumes less than 0.5 watts when inactive and under 3 watts in network standby.
  • Powerful 20W Audio for Commercial Versatility:- Dual integrated 10-watt speakers deliver professional audio quality for productive corporate collaboration. Secured within the projector housing by a proprietary BenQ anti-shake design, these speakers provide certified audio performance to incorporate multimedia into business presentations while maintaining absolutely stable projection quality.

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