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BenQ MH856UST Educational FHD Projector

BenQ MH856UST Educational FHD Projector
BenQ MH856UST Educational FHD Projector
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BenQ MH856UST Projector offers an excellent, big picture in ultra-short distance. This DLP projector is available at The BenQ DLP Projector - MH856UST is ideal for classroom use. It features an HD ultra short throw distance that ensures clear and crisp Full HD images. This projector encourages interactive learning sessions with the PointWrite technology. It allows the teachers to turn any space into an interactive whiteboard and get up to four students to collaborate simultaneously using the PointWrite pens or their fingers. Teachers can also connect two PointWrite interactive projectors to project two seamlessly merged screens using the BenQ Dual Screen feature. Thanks to the Corner Fit Correction feature, this DLP projector makes it easy for the teachers to correct each distorted corner and get a perfectly rectangular image when projecting on restricted or uneven spaces. This projector has an installation chart and a measuring ruler that helps in finding the appropriate projector-screen alignment and image position for the classroom.


  • 1080P
  • 1.07 Billion Colors‎
  • 5 kg
  • Full HD
  • Dual Screen
  • Touch Capabilities
  • PointWrite
  • Easy Installation
  • SmartEco technology


The BenQ MH856UST Projector features the MHL technology that allows the teachers and students to share photos, videos, websites, and even games using their Android smartphones or tablets. You can easily connect your smart device to a classroom projector via an MHL cable and enjoy the flawless mirroring of contents on a larger screen.


The DLP Technology enables a 96 percent fill factor and supplies pixel circuitry behind the pixel, thus eliminating the thick dark bezels that appear on individual pixels. Thanks to the higher fill factor and less black border, this projector offers purer, more intense colors, and smooth image quality. This BenQ DLP projector has a high contrast ratio that ensures flawless rendering of even small text, fine lines, and dark scene details.


The Eco Blank Mode of this DLP projector lowers the power consumption up to 70 percent. It allows you to make the projection screen blank when it is not in use.


The No Source Detected Mode automatically switches to the Auto Power Off Mode if no display source is detected for 30 minutes. Also, the projector enters the Eco Blank Mode after three minutes of inactivity.

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