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Need For Speed by Electronic Arts Open Region - PlayStation 4

Need For Speed by Electronic Arts Open Region - PlayStation 4
Need For Speed by Electronic Arts Open Region - PlayStation 4
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Get your game on, and explore the speed driven streets of the nocturnal open world of urban car culture. This adrenaline rushing reboot of Need for Speed by Electronic Arts for PlayStation 4, is driven by Five Ways to Play. Your journey to becoming the ultimate icon is not carved in stone, though. Make your way through multiple overlapping stories, and create your unique, legendary tale, spiked with thrills that will raise those goosebumps. This version has been custom cut for all those enthusiastic fans; using their inputs and requests, and combining them with everything that the franchise stands for, we've created a game that is breathtaking and will keep you enthralled to the end. The narrative is gripping and realistic, and united with deep customization, and an authentic open world, packed with real life car culture. This narrative circles the urban playground of Ventura Bay, which is a spectacular amalgamate of sweeping hillside roads overlooking the city, urban districts swarming with cops and cramped corners. Drive with the five real world automotive icons, as they inspire, test, and push you to your limits.


  • PlayStation 4


Need for Speed races back to you with Five Ways to Play: Speed, Style, Build, Crew, and Outlaw. In these separate executions, and the right combination of them, lies your perfect Need for Speed moment. Zoom past friends in your customized ride, skidding around corners at breakneck speeds, with the cops on your tail! It’s a whirlwind of adventure.


Customize your car to reflect your character, with extensive visual and performance enhancements. You can start with handpicked cars, the latest authentic after market brands, personalized handling, and performance tuning. When completed, hit the highway and burn a trail!

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