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FIFA 16 by Electronic Arts Open Region - PlayStation 4

FIFA 16 by Electronic Arts Open Region - PlayStation 4
FIFA 16 by Electronic Arts Open Region - PlayStation 4
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FIFA 16 by EA Sports is a must have for any soccer fan. This game features improved graphics and makes use of sophisticated motion capture techniques to provide a realistic feel. The game features seventy eight stadiums that include fifty real world venues. A new and improved Training Mode is added to the Career Mode to help gamers that are new to the franchise. Moreover, this is the first game in the franchise to feature female players. It also incorporates a dynamic weather change feature that adds to the realism of the game. This edition of Fifa 16 by EA Sports is available for PlayStation 4.


  • Sports Game
  • PlayStation 4


FIFA 16 recreates up to 78 stadiums faithfully. Every stadium is filled with dynamic billboards and lively crowd, adding a touch of realism to the game. Moreover, graphics is improved over its predecessors. Every facial expression is portrayed beautifully. For example: When a player falls while tackling, he/she will express emotions of pain and anger, thereby immersing you completely into the game. Like its predecessors, a dynamic weather change feature is included in the game.


FIFA 16 offers improved gameplay as it incorporates advanced AI and movement. Star players move and behave as they would in real life. It lets you move with greater freedom on the pitch, where your team works together as a unit. Mobile defenders change their direction quickly using swing step behavior to stay with your opponent. A new and improved defensive AI gives players better awareness of perilous space on the pitch with regards to the ball and their opponent. Your teammates will tag along to efficiently stop attacking runs from your opponent. Gain control over the ball thanks to new tackling mechanics and animations. The in game players are designed to anticipate passes and close passing channels by moving to shut down options. This game enables you to pass the ball to your teammates with precision using a new ping driven mechanic. You can even try exploring creative ways to score a goal by freeing yourself from the ball to buy time, creating separation, feinting, and blowing by your defender.


FIFA 16 offers a Training mode that helps those who are new to the franchise learn the basics. Play with an optional graphic overlay that prompts you with instructions depending on your fielding position and trainer level. You begin by receiving basic commands while detailed hints are provided as your skill improves.


FIFA 16 by EA Sports is the first game in the franchise to introduce female athletes. Twelve women’s national teams from Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Australia, England, Canada, Mexico, China, and the United States are included in the game. Tournaments include Kick Off, an Offline Tournament, and Online Friendly Matches.

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