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Assassin's Creed Unity by Ubisoft for PlayStation 4

Assassin's Creed Unity by Ubisoft for PlayStation 4
Assassin's Creed Unity by Ubisoft for PlayStation 4
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Assassin's Creed Unity is a thrilling adventure game that will keep you on the edge of the seat. It is published by Ubisoft and developed by Ubisoft Montreal. This game can be enjoyed on the PlayStation 4 gaming platform. With some marked improvements over its predecessor Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, this installment of the game boasts of some exotic locales and an engaging story line. This game takes you back to the 18th Century and is set against the backdrop on the historical French revolution. You can play as Arno, who sets out on a remarkable journey to reveal the powers who have masterminded the revolution. With a stunning recreation of the beautiful city of Paris, this open world game comes to life with its brand new game engine. You come across some advanced and unique arsenal as you progress through the action packed missions. The expansive skill tree enables you to improve your stealth and fighting skills by making use of the points you have earned during your missions. With some cool parkour mechanics, you will experience some smooth and blisteringly fast movements as you scale up and down across historical buildings in the city. You have the option to choose between single player and co operative multiplayer game modes, each having some enthralling and exciting missions, to keep you constantly engaged.Assassin's Creed Unity can be played from a third person perspective.This game has been rated M by ESRB.


  • PlayStation 4
  • Action
  • 18 Age

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