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Brand: LG Model: 19M38A-B
Ex Tax:AED236
Brand: LG Model: 24MP48HQ-P
Ex Tax:AED470
Brand: LG Model: 24MP58VQ
Ex Tax:AED500
Brand: LG Model: 24-MT48-A
DESCRIPTIONThe IPS display of this TV boasts top-notch picture quality from all angles, allowing viewers to experience consistent color from every point of the screen. Its lifelike colors will deliver a completely immersive viewing experience.Product Features:21.5-INCH IPS FULL HD DISPLAY (1920X1080..
Ex Tax:AED396
LG 34 Inch UltraWide Curved Gaming LED Monitor - 34UC79G LG 34 Inch UltraWide Curved Gaming LED Monitor - 34UC79G
2-3 Days
Brand: LG Model: 34UC79G
DESCRIPTIONLG LED gaming monitor is a high performance device that features a compact design. Purchase this LG UltraWide monitor here at The LG 34UC79G 34inch UltraWide Curved Gaming LED Monitor comes integrated with an army of fierce specs that ensure an intense gaming session. Boasting a..
Ex Tax:AED1,805
Brand: LG Model: 22MP48
Ex Tax:AED340
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