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Brand: Tp-Link Model: EAP110
Ex Tax:AED140
Brand: Tp-Link Model: TL-WR840N
Ex Tax:AED50
Brand: Tp-Link Model: M7300
Ex Tax:AED245
Brand: Tp-Link Model: TL-SG1005D
DESCRIPTION:TP-Link 5-Port Gigabit desktop switch TL-SG1005D provides you an easy way to make the transition to Gigabit Ethernet. Increase the speed of your network server and backbone connections, or make Gigabit to the desktop a reality. Moreover, TL-SG1005D adopts lower power consumption design. ..
Ex Tax:AED63
Brand: Tp-Link Model: AC1900
DESCRIPTION:The TP-LINK Archer C9 AC1900 Dual Band Gigabit Wireless Router is an incredible device that gives you access to high speed Internet wirelessly. It supports 802.11ac wireless standards. The three dual band detachable antennas provide a reliable and optimum network coverage. You can easily..
Ex Tax:AED455
Brand: Tp-Link Model: AC2600
DESCRIPTION:4-Stream for the Fastest Wi-Fi Speeds – The Archer C2600 reaches the fastest max speeds available over its 2.4GHz (800Mbps) and 5GHz (1733Mbps) bandsRun Multiple Devices Simultaneously – The Archer C2600 operates 3x faster by running MU-MIMO to serve multiple devices at once instead of o..
Ex Tax:AED658
Brand: Tp-Link Model: RE580D
DESCRIPTION:Simultaneous 600Mbps on 2.4GHz 1300Mbps on 5GHz totals 1.9Gbps Wi-Fi speeds3 dual band external antennas and 700mW high-powered amplifiers eliminate “dead zones” and greatly extend your existing wireless coverageBeamforming technology delivers highly targeted and effi..
Ex Tax:AED617
Brand: Tp-Link Model: TL-WA701ND
DESCRIPTION:Made by TP LINK, the TL WA701ND 150Mbps Wireless Access Point enables you to expand or establish a high speed wireless Internet network and connect various Ethernet enabled devices like printers, gaming consoles, digital media adapters, etc. to an existing wireless network. This modem is..
Ex Tax:AED80
Brand: Tp-Link Model: TL-WR741ND
DESCRIPTION:TL-WR741ND is a combined wired/wireless network connection device integrated with internet-sharing router and 4-port switch. The wireless N Router is 802.11bg compatible based on 802.11n technology and gives you 802.11n performance up to 150 Mbps. Bordering on 11n and surpassing 11g spee..
Ex Tax:AED90
Brand: Tp-Link Model: TL-WN725N
Ex Tax:AED20
Brand: Tp-Link Model: TL-SF1016D
DESCRIPTION:Taking into account its versatility and immense capabilities, the TP Link TL SF1016D 16 Port 10/100Mbps Desktop Switch is suitable for use in Small Office Home Office (SoHo) applications or for workgroup users. The TP Link TL SF1016D specs are very impressive. As all of its 16 ports supp..
Ex Tax:AED78
Brand: Tp-Link Model: TL-MR6400
Description:Share your 4G LTE network with multiple Wi-Fi devices and enjoy download speeds of up to 150MbpsWireless N speeds of up to 300MbpsIntegrated antennas provide stable wireless connectionsRequires no configuration - just insert a SIM card and turn it on to enjoy high speed internet accessLA..
Ex Tax:AED320
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