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Speaker System

Brand: Logitech Model: Z506
DESCRIPTION:Logitech surround sound speakers system features a down-firing subwoofer. This Logitech speaker system delivers a detailed, rich sound.The Logitech Z506 5.1 Surround Sound Speakers System places you in the middle of the action. It has five speakers and a subwoofer for a breathtaking audi..
Ex Tax:AED345
Brand: Logitech Model: Z906
Description:Features:This THX-Certified 5.1 system delivers 500 watts (RMS) of theater-quality&sound. Digital and analog inputs, an easy-to-read-and-stack control console&and a wireless remote let you take charge of your entertainment.500-watts (RMS) of powerMake any night opening night. You..
Ex Tax:AED1,697
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