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Brand: Logitech Model: LOGIEXP
 Description:Expansion Microphones: Extends the audio range of Logitech Group video and audio conferencing from 20 ft. to 28 ft. This is the expansion microphones only, does not include Logitech Group HD Video and Audio Conferencing System for Big Meeting Room...
Ex Tax:AED999
Brand: Logitech Model: CC3000
 Description:Logitech conference camera is equipped with multiple features to enable a smooth conversation each time. This video conference camera has Bluetooth support. A meeting with your clients or faraway business partners will never be this easy. The Logitech CC3000 Group Video Conferencin..
Ex Tax:AED3,465
Brand: Logitech Model: R400
Description: Fit Logitech Wireless Presenter R400 Remote.(Presenter R400 not included ).Made of durable impact-resistant silicone. Provide full protection for logitech r400 wireless presenter.Kids friendly and light weight, provides the maximum protection, anti-slip, anti-dust, shock proofand w..
Ex Tax:AED127
Brand: Logitech Model: R700
Description:Logitech R700 wireless presenter offers an effective wireless range of 100ft. This wireless presenter flaunts a beautiful black finish.Bid goodbye to monotonous presentations with the Logitech R700 Wireless Presenter. With its intuitive slideshow controls, this presenter places everythin..
Ex Tax:AED271
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