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Brand: Linksys Model: LGS108
DESCRIPTION:Enhance the power of your Netbook or Mac with wired Gigabit and USB 3.0 connections. Compact and convenient for travel. Gigabit Ethernet Port     USB 3.0 Capable        Works with MacBook Air, Chromebook or UltrabookEasy SetupADD WIRED INTERNE..
Ex Tax:AED135
Brand: Linksys Model: LGS116P
DESCRIPTION:Upgrade the data paths of your local wired network to information superhighways with 16-port desktop Gigabit POE switches. Wired connection speed up to 1,000 Mbps8 Gigabit Ethernet autosensing portsPower over Ethernet Plus (POE ) supportEasy plug & play connectionQOSMeets EEE (E..
Ex Tax:AED557
Brand: Linksys Model: LGS308P
Ex Tax:AED472
Brand: Linksys Model: LGS318P
DESCRIPTION:AT A GLANCEDesigned for business-class management, security, speed, and quality of service, with 18 PoE gigabit ethernet ports. Integrated Power Over Ethernet PlusProven Performance and ReliabilityEasy Configuration and ManagementAdvanced Network SecurityIPv6 SupportEnhanced QoSEnha..
Ex Tax:AED1,005
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