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Gaming Mouse Pad

Brand: Logitech Model: 943-000045
Description:    Introducing the G240 a mouse gamers with a spectacular design. Firm and flexible base cloth surface G240 offers a friction surface that improves control of the mouse and the cursor location, ideal for games with low values ??of dpi. Uniform surface texture can improve ..
Ex Tax:AED69
Brand: Logitech Model: G440
Description:Logitech G440 mouse pad features a uniform tracking surface that helps to improve your aim. The rubber base of this mouse pad keeps the mouse in place.Improve your mouse control and precision with the use of Logitech G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad. Specifically designed for high-DPI gaming, ..
Ex Tax:AED95
Brand: Logitech Model: G640
Ex Tax:AED149
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